Study: Florida Middling in Preparing Students for Life After School

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The study is called 'Quality Counts 2007,' and was released by the publishers of Education Week magazine. It places Florida 31st out of the 50 states in how well it's preparing young people to achieve success in their academics and careers.

Florida gets below-average rankings in family income, the percentage of parents with high school or college degrees, and families whose main language is not English.

Lynn Olson is executive project editor of the study.

OLSON: We're seeing a number of states focusing on the importance of early childhood education to increase children's success once they start school, and on the importance of linking what happens in elementary and secondary school with secondary education and the work force, so that kids have a smoother path on the way to further learning, which is becoming increasingly important for worker success.

State Education Commissioner John Winn says only four other states have improved in the rankings as much as Florida.

WINN: These three create a greater challenge to Florida in terms of our education system in reaching where we want to be in reaching educational achievement.

Winn also says a state task force will be working on ways during the upcoming year to improve the high school graduation rate.

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