Jennings Appeals Ruling in Contested Congressional Seat

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Republican Vern Buchanan is scheduled to be sworn in today as Katherine Harris' replacement in Congress, but his opponent from the November election is still appealing his win.

Democrat Christine Jennings is asking a state appeals court to overturn a ruling that denied her access to the programming code for electronic voting machines used in Sarasota County.

Jennings wants experts to examine the programming to determine if the machines somehow failed to count votes in the congressional race.

The state declared Buchanan the winner by 369 votes.

But Jennings is seeking to have the election results thrown out because about 18-thousand ballots cast on the touchscreen machines in the county didn't record a vote for Congress.

The state and Buchanan assume that those people, nearly 15 percent of voters, chose to skip the race. Jennings alleges that many tried to vote but their votes weren't counted.

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