Student Injury Spotlights Need for School Crosswalks


The 15-year-old girl was struck by a car when she attempted to cross Florida Avenue - without using a crosswalk - on her way to Hillsborough High School. It comes about a month after a Brandon High School student was killed by a car as he used a crosswalk.

Shortly afterward, school officials sent a letter to Hillsborough County Commissioners, asking them to speed up the installation of flashing crosswalk lights and new school zone signs. The county is in the middle of a four-year program to do that, says Hillsborough County traffic engineer Gary Tate.

TATE: The changes included changing out the existing yellow school signs - they're about the color of a school bus - they would be changed to a yellow-fluorescent-green sign. It also includes installing school flashers with a reduced speed that's active during student arrival and departure times only.

Tate says the state Department of Transportation is also using federal money to speed up the project. He expects the new crosswalks to be completed at most schools by next year.

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