Crist: Shift in Sales Taxes May Be in Florida's Future


It's taxes - property taxes to be exact. Republican Gov. Crist says the tax system is broken. So Crist has enlisted the support of Republican House Speaker Marco Rubio, and together, they're considering increasing the homestead exemption and phasing out property taxes in favor of sales taxes. These proposals would create a financial gap for local governments.

Crist says there's an easy solution for local governments to make up the short fall.

CRISHT: Have them spend less. Just like Florida's families.

And Crist is advocating a plan that would cap local government spending.

But a spokeswoman for the Florida Association of Counties says placing caps can be disastrous to a community. She says the counties pay for sheriffs, schools and mental health services -services citizens are demanding, but are receiving less funding from the state.

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