Freshmen React to the State of the Union


Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan of Sarasota's first thoughts were only in America could a blue-collar kid from Detroit sit among the members of the House and Senate to hear the state of the union message.

BUCHANAN: I was especially pleased to hear the president focus on the need for balancing the budget which I strongly support and feel like we even need to do more. And I'll work in Congress hard to make this happen.

Democrat Congresswoman Kathy Castor of Tampa promised to work hard on health care reform. Yet, she is skeptical of the president's plan to use tax incentives.

CASTOR: It's not going to help one person get to the doctor's office. The Democrats have a plan for cutting health care costs and reducing the number of uninsured this particularly the congress will reauthorize the children's health insurance program.

Castor pledged to work at the federal level to change Florida rules she says act as barriers and keep needy children from getting care.

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