Higher Ed Strategy Meets Resistance

Board of Governors

The University of Central Florida's president told the Florida Board of Governors there wasn't a big enough carrot to get his institution to relinquish its graduate programs and research ambitions.

A consultants report (Forward By Design) recommended setting up a state system of 4-year colleges and using financial incentives to get UCF and other state universities to opt in.

UCF president John Hitt admonished the board sending mixed signals.

HITT: As we try to recruit at least one member of the National Academy in the weeks ahead, having the suggestion that we might have our status altered to a baccalaureate institution is not helpful.

Board member John Dashburg reminded Hitt that the report was only a strategy document and nothing has been adopted.

DASHBURG: Second of all, even the proposal or whatever is that we're discussing said it is optional and you can elect in.

The board of governors is soliciting public input. Comments can be submitted by e-mail, a blog and a survey on the board's web site.

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