AIDS Seminar Aims to Educate Black Women


'Did you know there is an AIDS epidemic among black women, and no one's talking about it?' That's the name of a video shown during the seminar, at the University of South Florida in Tampa. And these people are talking about it.

Three women who are involved in women's and health issues said HIV and AIDS is the top cause of death for black women in their thirties.

Sharon West is chair of the Coalition of 100 Black Women Health and HIV Committee.

WEST: The kind of conversation that needs to be going on in our community - I'm here to ring the bell - loudly. And say that we each need to do our part to make sure people are doing the right thing. This is not a moral issue - it's a health crisis.

And while the number of new aids cases for blacks has decreased since 2001, African-Americans still contract AIDS at a rate 10 times those of whites.

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