Green Building Getting Toehold In Some Cities


Rob Bennett knows more about 'green building' than maybe anyone else. He was in charge of building Vancouver's Olympic Village for the 2010 games, which will later be turned into a self-contained housing development.

Benett says this oasis of urban planning uses less energy, water and raw materials than common construction methods - while creating less waste. And this means the higher cost will be paid back several times over the life of the building.

BENNETT: You're starting to see this sort of low-impact development, green building take off all over the country. What I was talking about it taking off here in Florida - much like the success we've had in Portland - is you've got to put a coherent effort together with local government and the development industry.

Bennett says planners have to look at 'green' planning as something that will benefit not only the environment, but the builders as well.

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