Major Crime Down in Tampa

Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio
Tampa, FL -

In her state of the city address, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio touted a 36 percent drop in serious crimes such as murder and aggravated assaults over the past four years. And she recited other accomplishments listing of new development in downtown and neighborhoods.

IORIO: East Tampa continues to be a neighborhood for new investment. Just in the past year, Meridian Apartments opened, Fast Lane Clothing is under construction, the city purchased Gene's Bar as a site for positive redevelopment. Lake Avenue has been transformed. The new District 3 police station is under construction.

WHITE: What's exciting to folks is to see a beautiful brand new building.

Tampa Housing Authority Commissioner Gerald White worries that the city may overlook social service needs.

WHITE: But, we must not lose focus of the fundamental functions of government and that's to take care of its people.

White says there's been a cutback in federal programs and a loss of other social services once provided by the now-defunct Tampa Urban League.

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