Martinez: Property Tax Laws Need Revision


A voter-approved referendum limiting property tax increases on personal homes created tax inequities. Now, some neighbors and businesses pay more than long-time residents.

But the Save our Homes constitutional amendment isn't the only culprit, according to former Tampa Mayor and former Gov. Bob Martinez.

MARTINEZ: You have laws that require you tax at the highest and best use.

He says those laws should be re-evaluated too.

MARTINEZ: It's going to kill small business basically. Someone who owns a pizza place on beach property and its going to be taxed for high rise condominium rate which is basically is going to shut down that business in a short period of time.

And the idea of rolling back city and county millage rates isn't new. Martinez says the state did the same thing in the 1980s when he was mayor - it was a trade-off for giving local governments the ability to collect a half-penny sales tax.

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