Buchanan Tours TIA

Tampa International Airport
Tampa -

US Congressman Vern Buchanan toured Tampa International Airport Monday. Buchanan serves on the house subcommittee which is considering a new funding request from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Since September 2001, the nation's airports have spent billions on security and infrastructure upgrades. But as the House considers the FAA's funding request this week, Tampa International will face more competition for federal funding.

Airport officials gave Congressman Buchanan a tour of the airports new, high security, baggage handling system.

BUCHANAN: A lot of the airports are still processing bags manually. They have a state of the art system. They've invested a hundred and twenty five million. So they're doing a lot of the right things but we gotta continue everyday to work on convenience and security.

Airport improvements are funded by a trust which is supported almost entirely by the airline industry.

The new FAA plan would shift more of the burden to private planes and corporate jets and to the airports themselves.

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