Tampa Wants Fees for Rescues

Rescue 21, Tampa, FL

People are already charged for ambulances. Now, Tampa Fire Rescue wants to get paid for investigating car wrecks, cleaning up fuel spills and removing injured people from cars.

Their fees would range from $450 to more than $2000. Those services are currently paid for by tax dollars.

A spokesman for AAA, Randy Bly, called the idea a poor response to the pending legislative budget cuts. He says, 'Double taxation is what it boils down to.'

Tampa City Council discussed the idea for less than seven minutes. Councilman John Dingfelder says, 'There's no reason the city shouldn't try to recoup some under the insurance policy.'

Fire Chief Dennis Jones agreed, 'We're just looking to get some of that money that insurance companies have been collecting for that purpose.'

Jones estimates the city could recoup about $2 million a year. City council must hold a second vote before the ordinance goes into affect.

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