Gov: Biomass Energy Wave of Future


We don't have steady wind, and it's cloudy as often as it's sunny. But several speakers at the 'Farm to Fuel' conference said that Florida could become the Saudi Arabia of biofuels.

Gov. Crist says Florida's year-long growing season means the state can become a dominant player on the national biomass scene. Everything from citrus peels, sugarcane and stuff as mundane as yard waste can be turned into fuel.

The governor announced he'll lead a trade mission in November to Brazil, to look at that nation's pioneering use of ethanol.

He also announced the state's largest utility is planning to build a pioneering plant to convert orange and grapefruit waste into ethanol. Florida Power and Light is expected to produce about 4 million gallons of ethanol a year to be sold as a gasoline additive. The plant will be built in Hendry County, near Lake Okeechobee.

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