Sun Likely to Set on PIP


State lawmakers have called off plans for a special session later this month. While the session was scheduled so lawmakers could cover unexpected revenue shortfalls, WUSF's John Sepulvado explains its cancellation most likely means the end of personal injury protection or PIP.

On October 1st, personal injury protection, or PIP, goes away unless lawmakers renew the no fault auto insurance before that date.

That means postponement of the special session all but guarantees PIP will sunset.

Speaking recently on WUSF's Florida Matters, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink said the end of PIP would save most policy holders money.

However, Sink warned, the end of PIP means drivers will no longer have to provide proof of insurance when they are pulled over.

'We do anticipate that without enforcement procedures our rate of un-insured motorists will increase potentially substantially,' Sink said.

Currently, it's estimated five percent of Florida drivers are uninsured. The national average is fourteen percent.

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