Future Solar for Florida


Governor Crist announced plans for the first solar power electric plant in Florida today. It's part of a $2.4 billion dollar clean energy program by Florida Power & Light.

The Florida Power & Light's first solar power plant should be completed some time next year, according to spokesman Mayco Villafana.

That's only a pilot project. Florida's electrical grid won't start running on sunshine until 2010. But Villafana says it will be awhile before solar power electricity becomes cheaper.

'Not only are we using nuclear, but we're using natural gas, oil, we're using coal. Renewables will be part of that equation. And all those together are what makes up how much we pay for the price for electricity.'

The company plans to start with a small plant that can power a few thousand homes and expand it to a 300-megawatt solar-thermal facility that would reach about 200,000 residents.

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