Budget Trimming Continues


Local governments are readying for another round of belt tightening after the passage of Amendment 1 which mandates cuts in property tax assessments.

The Tampa mayor and city council are scheduled to sit down with budget and scalpel in hand Wednesday morning.

According to conservative estimates the City of Tampa will have to cut at least $12 million more from its budget to keep in line with the property tax rollbacks mandated by Amendment 1.

Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio has trimmed jobs and programs twice already this fiscal year. Yet, she's rejected suggestions that the city should consolidate services like the parks and recreation departments with Hillsborough County.

She says assuming that consolidation and a bigger bureaucracy would be better is a huge mistake and a big leap.

Iorio says the city also is suffering from the economic slowdown. Sales tax receipts are nearly 9 percent below last year's revenues from the same period.

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