Voices Raised over Evolution


Mirroring the diversity of life on Earth - there was a diversity of opinion during the final public hearing on Florida's new science standards that include the word evolution.

The public hearing was broadcast over the web and not attended by members of the Florida Board of Education. Instead, Education Commissioner Eric Smith presided, calling out the names of people who signed up to speak, 83 in all.

Opponents to the inclusion of evolution in Florida science standards were the majority such as State Rep. Marti Coley. The Republican from Marianna she was representing her constituents who want the word theory added to the evolution standard.

Supporters of the news science standard disagree saying the word theory has a different meaning when used in science and including it may give lay people incorrect perceptions.

Somewhat lost in the debate are other changes to the science standards. The state has significantly narrowed the teaching benchmarks which will allow teachers more time on topic.

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