Evolution Theory Adopted


Florida's State Board of Education narrowly approved new science standards for public school children that for the first time will include the word 'evolution.' But, the new standards were modified before they passed in a tight vote.

It took almost a year for a panel of experts to revise Florida's science standards. The new benchmarks included the word evolution for the first time.

And, it took less a week for those science standards to be modified. The term 'scientific theory' was added before the word 'evolution.'

Roberto Martinez, a member of the state Board of education, was upset that the scientific community did not have an opportunity to review the revised language. He says the modification is an attempt to 'water down' the new science standards.

Board member Kathleen Shanahan says she doesn't believe that evolution is a fact and the compromise language was necessary.

In a 4 to 3 vote, the Florida Board of Education modified and adopted new science standards that call for the teaching of the 'scientific theory of evolution.'

Spokesman Brandon Haught with Florida Citizens for Science was disappointed the state board of education adopted the revised language.

'When try to insert stuff, scientific theory, all it is is a poltiical move,' Haught says. He worries the terminology weakens the standards and could become a backdoor for the teaching of other theories like Intelligent Design.

John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, was equally dissatisfied. He wanted the board to adopt his group's 'academic freedom' provision. It did not. So, his next stop is the legislature to try and get such a bill passed.

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