Norris to Quit, Again


The leader of Sarasota County Schools is looking to leave his post. It's the second time in less than two years, that Dr. Gary Norris has considered quitting.

Sarasota School Superintendent Norris resigned about 18 months ago saying constant criticism had taken a toll on his family. But, community leaders convinced him to reconsider his resignation.

Today, in a letter to faculty and staff, Norris again cited his family this time as the reason behind applying for some out of state jobs.

'I'm not presumptuous enough to think someone is going to give me a job. But yes, I am in that process,' Norris says.

Norris spoke to WUSF from Tampa International Airport. When asked if he was on his way to a job interview, he declined comment. He's been with the district since April 2004.

In his letter, Norris reminded staff to stay focused on the upcoming FCATs and promised to 'remain fully engaged in all aspects of district operations.'

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