Florida Awaits PA Primary


The Pennsylvania Primary may determine whether Florida's delegation gets to participate in the Democratic National Convention this August. If the race is close and the Democratic presidential contest continues, it may prolong seating Florida's delegation.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is a Florida super delegate who supports Sen. Hillary Clinton for president. He was asked what a narrow win for her would mean in Pennsylvania.

It's probably that it's over. If it's a big win, she's all the way to the convention, says Nelson. He defines a big win as 7 percent or more and a narrow win as 4 percent or less.

If the Democratic race is contested up to the convention, Nelson predicts, There will be blood on the floor. His theory if delegates from Florida and Michigan are not seated, it will be unlikely voters will support a Democratic nominee.

Nelson declined to say if he would ask Clinton to bow out if her Pennsylvania victory is not overwhelming.

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