Part of Tuition Hike Pledged


Tuition for new university students is going up 6 percent this fall. Universities plan to use much of the additional money to make up state budget cuts and lower the faculty-student ratio, but some of the money is already promised.

The Board of Governors' tuition vote on Thursday also included a pledged to use 30 percent of the money to help low-income students defray the higher costs.

University of Central Florida President John Hitt says the 30 percent promise is why the governor agreed to the tuition hike.

Bernie Machen, President of the University of Florida, argued for more spending flexibility.

'If you all made a commitment to the governor that this pot of money would go to need based aid, then we have to do that,' Machen said. 'I'm just telling you that we all are being micro-managed to death down here.'

The 30 percent requirement was kept. The rest of the tuition increase was targeted to reduce class sizes, but may end up being used to defray state cuts.

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