Rauschenberg Remembered


An internationally recognized artist who influenced numerous students and faculty at the University of South Florida has died. Robert Rauschenberg passed away yesterday at age 82.

Rauschenberg could make a clay sculpture out of a discarded cardboard box or create a 100 foot photograph with images from China.

That was the magic of artist Robert Rauschenberg you never knew what he would do next.

'Something that might be trash to one person became to material for his work,' says Margaret Miller, director of USF's Graphicstudio. 'Now he wasn't the first artist to do that, but he did it in a poetic way and in a way that really shifted your perception of those materials.'

Miller first met Rauschenberg in the early 1970s when he began working with Graphicstudio. She says he contributed to its international reputation.

Miller says Rauschenberg is being remembered in the art community as an innovator and generous human being.

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