July 4th Picnic Produce


For many, a Fourth of July wouldn't be the same without fresh tomatoes, watermelons and other produce. The recent scare over salmonella tainted food could change some picnic menus.

The barbecue grills were heating up. Homemade cakes covered one table and another was laden with recently tossed salads.

Fresh produce is a big part of the Price Family reunion picnic at Tampa's Lowry Park. And reports of Salmonella tainted produce did concern Carolyn Hill.

'It's quite scary because I eat tomatoes all the time. But for me, I can go in the back yard and just pluck them off the vine,' Hill says.

She lives in Tampa and provided her homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers for her family's reunion.

Florida's tomato fields and packing houses have been cleared by federal food inspectors according to Terry McElroy, spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture.

And as of July 1st, all tomato fields and packing houses are required by law to provide washing stations, portable restrooms and meet other standards.

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