Foreclosure Help Offered


From the fine print to the terminology, today's mortgages can be confusing. But, there's help, especially for those struggling to keep up with mortgage payments and even for those looking to buy their first home.

Financial experts from banks, government agencies and non-profit organizations will be available to help with mortgage problems at a Foreclosure Assistance workshop this Saturday at the Hunt Community Center in Tampa.

Walter Walker will be there. He is director of education and counseling with the Housing Education Alliance Inc.

'There certainly are ways to bring someone from the brink,' Walker says.

To start, he says homeowners must answer two questions. Do they want to stay in their home and is that financially feasible?

'They jump because someone tells them this is a good deal,' Walker says. 'There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somewhere, somehow, somebody has to pay.'

Walker says all home owners, not just those in trouble, should learn more about their mortgage.

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