Just Makes the Grade


Hillsborough County teachers are back in school this week. And, the temperature is already rising at Just Elementary, labeled an 'F' school last year.

Word from the Florida Department of Education came late, more than a month after school had let out. But, Just Elementary is no longer considered 'failing.'

It received a 'D' grade and was very close to earning a C.

'Right now, we're four points from a C,' says Principal Tricia McManus. 'Reading is the area we need to really put the most emphasis on. We grew tremendously in math.'

McManus, her teachers and staff are wearing bright red T-Shirts that read 'Turning up the Heat - 212 degrees.'

That's the degree that causes water to boil, causes steam, causes extra energy.

'Last year, we saw a change in the culture, better attendance, better discipline more parent involvement,' McManus says. 'We gained 54 total points. Kids were excited about coming to school. We're just going to keep headed in that direction but turn up the heat.'

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