Judicial Poll Rates Candidates


Florida's primary will decide which Democrats and Republicans will vie for office in November. But the ballot also includes races like non-partisan judges. Yet, judges are limited as to what they can say and how they may campaign. So, it can be a challenge to make an informed decision.

Voters in Hillsborough County are getting a little help.

There are five judicial races on the Hillsborough County primary ballot. But the options to learn about the candidates are few outside of judicial forums, newspaper articles and editorials.

That's why the Hillsborough Bar Association started conducting its Judicial Preference Poll. John Wilcox has headed up the survey for years. He says candidates are ranked on their attributes such as knowledge of the law.

Only lawyers with personal knowledge of either the sitting judge or the candidate are asked to respond. Wilcox says that's about third of their membership.

To access the Hillsborough Bar Association Judicial Preference Poll results, click here.

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