Urgency in Education Noted


Cancelled classes and stormy weather didn't keep Florida's Board of Education members from meeting. Their agenda was short. Members agreed to ask for more education money in next year's budget. They also gave five school districts authority to approve of new charter schools in their areas.

Before the telephone conference call officially started board member Roberto Martinez shared how his recent trip to China affected his drive Florida's education system.

'The sense of urgency I have is multiplied several fold,' Martinez said. 'I think it's a country that is going to pose more danger to us than any others because of their need for resources.'

Later in the meeting, Martinez suggested the board send a personal letter to lawmakers asking for more school funding despite the economic downturn.

The members also gave the school districts of Hernando, Hillsborough, Polk, Sarasota and Broward sole authority to approve new charter schools in their districts.

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