Florida Granted Full Vote


As the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver, Florida delegates will be fully represented. Initially, the state was only allotted half its delegates as a penalty for holding an early primary. This weekend, the DNC gave Florida full voting strength. WUSF is following the four-day event through the eyes of Florida delegate Ana Cruz.

Ana Cruz is a self-described 'Floridian first and foremost, a Hispanic and an avid Hillary Clinton supporter.' She's the principal with the political consulting firm Leaders Edge LLC.

The Tampa native is part of a demographic that she believes a presidential candidate must win to win Florida. Cruz is Mexican and Puerto Rican on her father's side, Spanish and Italian on her mother's side and a fourth generation Floridian.

She's only 35 years old, yet she has worked for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. She's also served two years as the Florida Democratic Party executive director. Most recently, Cruz spearheaded Hillary Clinton's Florida campaign.

She's a delegate to the Democratic National Convention pledged to Hillary Clinton.

'If given the opportunity and it's kind of perfunctory, I'd like to cast my vote for Hillary,' Cruz says. 'But, I would never do so trying to cause any problems or if that's going to ignite any sort of divisiveness on the floor. We don't want that.'

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