Voter Confidence is Key


As the November election nears, the National League of Women Voters is focusing on voter confidence. This week, the national president will visit Florida talking with elections supervisors and the public.

The national league has operated a voter protection project for a number of years. President Mary Wilson says Florida was included in the project because of concerns about voter registration.

Wilson says the league is working to educate voters to be in right precinct with the proper identification, but she adds that elections officials also need to do their part.

'Not have nit-picking rules about every 'i' being dotted and every 't' being crossed on data base match-ups but look at the voters as your customers or your clients,' Wilson says.

She identified the largest concern this November will be the long lines expected because of the additional interest in the election this year. The league is suggesting one solution is for people to us an absentee ballot.

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