Locals are the Face of the Campaign


One week ago, few people ever heard of Jim Piccillo. The Land O'Lakes man recently lost his job as an assistant vice president with the bank HSBC. And his fiance was in a car accident on Thanksgiving Day. She was out of work for two months, and got fired from her job at a staffing agency two days after she returned.

Then, opportunity knocked. It knocked so hard that Picchillo was recently featured on the CBS Evening News. That's because last week, he hopped on the stage of the USF Sun Dome to introduce Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A few days earlier, the 'everyday man' chosen to exemplify the Republican McCain-Palin ticket was Pat Luckey. He served in the Army and two of his three sons joined the military.

Luckey shared his story before a couple thousand cheering supporters awaiting Sarah Palin's arrival in downtown Clearwater. The Tampa man supports John McCain because of his service and sacrifice as a prisoner of war.

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