Deja Vu in District 13


You'll be forgiven for getting a twinge of deja vu going to the polls in the counties south of Tampa Bay on Tuesday. That's because three of the names on the ballot for the Congressional District 13 race have been there before - repeatedly.

It's Vern Buchanan versus Christine Jennings, Round Two. And Jan Schneider's also on the ballot. For the fourth time - going back to 2002, when she lost to Katherine Harris. This time, the Democrat is running as an independent.

The only new candidate is Don Baldauf, a Republican running under no party affiliation.

Republican Buchanan squeaked by Jennings two years ago in a contested election that captured national headlines. For some reason, 18,000 people who voted didn't cast a ballot for the Congressional race.

Jennings sued, and for months after the election, held press conferences, confident that she would be vindicated. The Democrat even posed for a photo of the freshman class of Congress, not far from Buchanan. But it was all for nought, as repeated investigations showed no equipment malfunctions were to blame. Sparks are still flying between the two.

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