VA Hospital Hosts Parade


Veterans Day parades are a tradition in many communities. But, there's one setting where the tradition is just starting this year at Tampa's James A. Haley Veterans Hospital.

The logic of it is inescapable. If you're going to throw a Veterans Day Parade, why not do it where more than 400 veterans and active duty servicemen are recuperating.

Debbie Gottardi, Chief of Voluntary Service at Haley, says the event is open to more than just veterans.

'I would hope that we have some people from the community to come out and join with us and all the unites in the parade saluting the hospitalized veterans,' Gottardi said.

Antique cars will be displayed in front Haley VA Hospital starting around 9, the parade with marchers ranging from the Boy Scouts to the Rough Riders is at 10 on the perimeter road, Silver Way. A cookout follows.

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