Giant Mood Ring Heralds Super Bowl


You can tell right off that these two artists have an affinity for the days of pet rocks and bell bottoms. It's just that they've updated it with an interactive twist. Two tinkerers from Brooklyn are spending their days in the sunshine of Tampa's Channelside Drive. Their goal: build the world's largest - and maybe only - 'mood ring.'

It'll change colors depending on one's feelings, just like the rings that haven't graced many fingers in 30 years or so. But this one will be a bit bigger - a 25-foot-high sculpture shaped like a football, in homage to the upcoming Super Bowl.

Will Pappenheimer collaborated on the project with Chipp Jansen. The giant steel base is being provided by the Tampa-based company Gerdau Ameristeel. From Saturday night until Super Bowl Sunday, you can click on ',' log in, and let the world know how you're feeling.

There will also be five other downtown buildings swathed in light, including eight-story-high projections beamed on the Fort Brooke Parking Garage. The lights will be switched on at 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

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