Offshore Plan Was 'Rigged'

US Interior Sec. Ken Salazar
US Interior Sec. Ken Salazar
The Bush administration proposed a new, 5-year offshore oil and gas leasing plan during its last business day in office. But, the new Secretary of the Interior has set aside that Bush plan saying the process was rigged.

During a telephone news conference, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar characterized the Bush administration's effort to push through a new offshore drilling plan.

"It was a headlong rush of the worse kind," Salazar said. "It was a process rigged to force decisions based on bad information. "

Salazar said it favored the oil and gas industry and ignored renewable energy companies.

"For them it was oil or gas or nothing," he continued. Salazar's plan will include development potential for wind and wave energy. And, he's ordered a review on all offshore resources. That includes Florida's Gulf Coast which is currently off-limits because it's a military training area.

"The people who know the science will tell you there are huge reserves in that area," Salazar added that the question becomes how close do you want to come to the Coast of Florida and the military training area.

He emphasized that a "drill only" approach onshore and offshore is not adequate for the new energy frontier envisioned by the Obama administration.

For the full text of Sec. Salazar's remarks, click here.
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