FL Education Waiver Pending

Gov. Charlie Crist
Gov. Charlie Crist
TAMPA (2009-02-24) -

Governor Charlie Crist's early and strong support of President Barack Obama's stimulus package may reap some dividends especially when it comes to education funding.

When it comes to the federal stimulus money for schools, Florida has a problem. There's a stipulation that a state's education budget must be larger than it was two years ago. And Florida's isn't. The state says that's because there are fewer students not because of budget cuts and is asking for a waiver.

Governor Charlie Crist is optimistic, "It's up to the Secretary of Education in Washington. We had a pretty productive meeting with Sec. Duncan in the White House as a matter for fact."

Crist says the waiver will mean about $3 billion more for Florida education. And, he acknowledged his relationship with the President may help.

"We're trying to do everything we can to help the new administration. I certainly am and I think it's important that whenever you have a new president you want to give him a good shot in the beginning especially. I want him to succeed," Crist said. The governor did not know when the waiver application will be decided.

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