Keeping the Faith When Looking for a Job

Tuesday mornings at In Between Jobs
Tuesday mornings at In Between Jobs
TAMPA (2009-03-05) -

This is no ordinary recession. So it shouldn't be a surprise that there are more than just the usual support groups for the unemployed.

Bob Saxon, a lay person with Keystone Community Church in northwest Hillsborough County, starts his Tuesday mornings with a devotional prayer at In-Between Jobs, a ministry of Keystone Community Church.

His down-but-hardly-out flock meets in a leased strip mall on North Florida Avenue. Call it a ministry for those between jobs. Or a support group offering honey buns and coffee, as well as a side order of camaraderie. But to Saxon, it goes beyond just offering job tips and advice. It's about keeping the faith.

The In-Between Jobs web site can be found HERE.

The Career Ministries web site can be found HERE.

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