Transportation Stimulus $ Won't Go Far

cars in a line of traffic
TAMPA (2009-03-05) -

If the expected $1.3 billion is divided evenly between the state's seven transportation districts, it would be $185 million. And that's doesn't begin to make a dent in a list of local projects that runs into the billions.

Doug Callaway is president of Floridians for Better Transportation, a statewide business association. He spoke before a group of transportation advocates in Tampa.

I say we should be grateful that the economic stimulus package is providing more money," says Callaway. "We need to make sure that we can use every single dollar in that time period that they allow, then we will be positioned to go back and get more money. We can get a reallocation from other states that can't use it as fast as they should."

Callaway said there should also be an increase in the state's tag and title fees, which haven't changed since the 1980s. He says that could raise more than a billion dollars a year for Florida.

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