Impact of War, Part 1

soldier silhouette
TAMPA (2009-03-23) -

At the first "Soldiers to Students" session at USF's Tampa campus recently, the half-dozen people attending were asked to define "success." One answer stood out - "Just Being Alive."

That's the first clue that this is no ordinary student gathering. Returning servicemen and women have done and seen things that the average college student has never experienced - or really wants to experience. And now, they find themselves transitioning from life or death situations to one where the concerns of many collegians is what bar they're heading to tonight.

USF counselor Belinda Sieger says there are warning signs friends and family of veterans should look out for.

"If a person has chronic issues with anxiety, guilt, grief or sadness, difficulty relaxing or falling asleep, depression or isolation, those are some signs they may need some extra help in adjusting," she says."

Sieger says there are many resources available to veterans. Those include the university's counseling service; the Veteran's Service Center; career counseling that pays special attention to soldiers leaving the service; and various student support groups.

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