Gov. Defends Growth Bill

Gov. Crist greets a family that benefited from KidCare
Gov. Crist greets a family that benefited from KidCare
TAMPA (2009-06-02) -

The governor came to Tampa's St. Joseph's Children's Hospital for the second of three public, ceremonial signings of the KidCare bill which expands health care to uninsured children. He also defended his "private" signing of the more controversial growth management bill.

There was no public ceremony when Gov. Charlie Crist signed Senate Bill 360 in his Tallahassee office. The growth management bill was supported by businesses and developers and opposed by local governments and environmentalists.

At the signing of the KidCare bill, Crist defended his support for the growth bill.

"It's all about jobs, jobs, jobs," Crist says. "Making sure we can go forward and that people need new housing have the opportunity to get it."

Crist added that no bills are perfect and took on critics that worry the bill stimulates urban sprawl.

"Well, I don't think it will do that," Crist said. "As you know we worked very closely with Sec. Pelham and I think the bill's going to be okay and once people finally analyze it they'll see it that way too."

But, reportedly Florida Secretary of Community Affairs Tom Pelham expressed concerns about the bill to Crist.

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