Ted Koppel on Media

Ted Koppel with Poynter Dean of Faculty Keith Woods
Ted Koppel, right, with Poynter Dean of Faculty Keith Woods
ST. PETERSBURG (2009-09-15) -

Ted Koppel's appearance at the Poynter Institute was titled "Journalism in Crisis: Who's to Blame?" His answer was, in a sense, we all are. The explosion of outlets offering "news you can choose" means one doesn't necessarily get the facts, but an echo of one's own opinion.

"That is the worst possible recipe for a country that prides itself on democracy," he says. "I consider it to be a great danger to the profession of journalism and broadcasting in general, and to our democracy in general."

What an enlightened public needs is information that isn't skewed to one set of political beliefs, he said. But Koppel acknowledges the days of three networks lording over television news is over, and it will take a long time for the dust to settle on which medium will dominate the message.

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