Fleeing From the Storm

Hurricane over the U.S.
WESLEY CHAPEL (2009-10-13) -

This summer, a group of eager USF students descended on a steamy rest area on I-75 in Pasco County, peppering willing motorists with a few questions about what plans they have - if any - if the "Big One" threatens Tampa Bay.

The survey looks at the social aspects of hurricanes - if people choose to evacuate because of their friends and family - or their health - and where they choose to evacuate.

There was one hitch, however.This was to be a first-of-its-kind study in Florida to have researchers go out during a hurricane. That was going to be the second part of the study, where they would find out what people actually did during an storm. But El Nino put an end to those ambitions - at least for now.

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