A Dollar for the Homeless

homeless tent
TAMPA (2009-10-30) -

Rule One of dealing with the homeless seems to be placing them where there isn't too much opposition. But are tent cities really the best way of dealing with this growing problem?

That’s the topic that George Sheldon spoke earlier this week at a meeting of the Florida Coaltion for the Homeless in Clearwater Beach. One thing everybody agreed upon: the amount of money available for homeless programs has gone up, thanks to the federal stimulus package. Sixty-five million dollars in homeless prevention grants were funneled to the state, with most of that going to cities and counties.

But Sheldon says only $8.5 million of that will be disbursed next year. So another plan is being aired. A bill will be introduced during the upcoming legislative session to allow drivers to check off a $1 box on their motor vehicle registration forms. Homeless advocates say getting another source of money is critical to address the problem.

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