Rise of the Religious Left

Kenneth Wald, University of Florida Researcher
Kenneth Wald, University of Florida Researcher
TAMPA (2009-10-30) -

The study, by University of Florida researcher Kenneth Wald, contradicts the so-called “God gap” theory that white religious Christians are conservative and more likely to vote Republican.
Many people have assumed Republicans are more religious because studies have gauged devotion by such traditional measures as daily prayer, Scripture reading and regular church attendance. Wald says that's important to evangelical Protestants, who tend to vote Republican. But he says there is also a growing spirituality that focuses more on the social and communal aspects of people’s lives.
“People who exemplify this kind of communal religion were in fact a great deal more liberal on many political issues, and are more likely to vote Democratic,” says Wald.
He says the issues that interest what he calls the "religious left" are climate change, the environment, questions of war and peace, and health care.

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