Dockery Makes Formal Announcement in Lakeland

LAKELAND (2009-11-10) -

In front of an appreciative hometown crowd, Paula Dockery promised that it would not be business as usual in Tallahassee if she were governor. She mentioned several recent political scandals, including the state's case against former House speaker Ray Sansom for using public money to benefit his friends.

"Unfortunately," she says, "Speaker Sansom was just doing what is usually done in the state legislature."

She stressed her credentials as a reformer who sometimes stands up to bigwigs in her own Republican party if she disagrees with them. She also called herself a conservative with a strong pro-life background. But she said her conservatism was not at odds with her efforts in land conservation.

"When did conservativism mean exploiting our natural resources for a dime?" she says. "In my mind, conservation and conservatism come from the same root word."

Dockery said that Republican voters want a choice on the governor's ballot, despite the state party leadership's opposition to a primary race. She faces Attorney General Bill McCollum for the Republican spot on the ballot.

Three Polk County residents who became governor - Park Trammell, Spessard Holland and Lawton Chiles - also began their campaigns in Munn Park.

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