Area Economy Remains Stagnant

Housing starts remain stagnant
Housing starts in the Tampa Bay area remain stagnant
TAMPA (2010-1-19) -

A new report on the region's economy shows the Tampa Bay area is just about where we were last year. But we're not the only economy that is stagnant.

The report by the economic development group Tampa Bay Partnership shows the region is where it was last year - stuck in the middle of a group of six comparable metro areas in the Southeast. On the good side, we're up in a category dubbed "Income and Productivity." That means wages - for those of us who still have a job - are up, slightly.

On the down side, the Tampa Bay area scored last in the housing category. Housing permits fell by half last year, compared to the previous year. And the region was fifth in innovation, which is measured by the number of new patents.

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