Board of Governors Wants Budget Doubled

Board of Governor's Seal
Florida Board of Governor's Seal.
TAMPA (2010-1-28) -

The Board that oversees Florida’s public universities is calling for its budget to be doubled over the next five years. The goal is to change the very foundation of a state economy now based on tourism, agriculture and housing.

Despite Florida’s high unemployment and stretched state budget -- or maybe because of them – the Florida Board of Governors unveiled a plan to diversify Florida’s economy Thursday.

The idea is to use the universities to spur an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

The Board of Governors is calling for a $1.75 billion increase in funding for the state university system over the next five years.

Florida University Chancellor Frank Brogan applauded the measure.

“We are committed not to crawl out of this recession as many states will. We are committed to slingshot out of this recession by reframing our economy and using our system of higher education, our universities our friends in the Florida college system, our private and independent colleges and universities as a fulcrum to that end,” Brogan said.

Gov. Charlie Crist supports the board’s plan and is starting by asking for an additional $100 million for the university system this year.

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