Mother: Winning Lottery Made Abraham Shakespeare Miserable

Abraham Shakespeare
Abraham Shakespeare won $16 million, but his mother said winning led to misery and death for her son.
TAMPA (2010-2-4) -

The mother of murdered lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare says she wishes her son had never won because it made him “miserable.”

In a news conference covered by Bay News 9, Elizabeth Walker said compared her son to a carcass being attacked by predators.

“People were coming after him just like a lion would go after something and just start eating it,” she said.

“He never had any peace. His phone was constantly ringing and it was people wanting him to pay their light bill or pay something for him and he was just miserable.”

Hillsborough County authorities found Shakespeare's body Friday under a concrete slab at a house in Plant City.

They have charged Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore with being an accessory to murder. They say she conned Shakespeare out of millions of dollars.

An Assistant State Attorney in the case says Moore has accused a variety of people of killing the lotto winner, including her 14-year-old son.

Walker said Moore befriended her, taking her to Busch Gardens and Disneyworld, and now she feels betrayed.

She also thanked the Polk County Sheriff’s office for their work in the case, and said how stressful it is that no one has been charged yet with her son’s murder yet.

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