MOSI hosts Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit

Mona Lisa
"The Secrets of the Mona Lisa" at the Da Vinci exhibit employs science to reveal more than two dozen secrets hiding behind that famous smile.
TAMPA (2010-2-11) -

This weekend, Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry is hosting a special exhibition on the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. It runs through the end of May. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck took a sneak peek.

At the exhibit, you see gauges for wind direction and water speed, but nothing can gauge the limitations of the man himself. He didn't seem to have any.

Bruce Petersen of Grande Exhibitions spent a dozen years putting together what he calls the most comprehensive and complete traveling exhibition on Da Vinci.

Leonardo had no formal schooling, so he turned to nature for inspiration, Peterson said.

“It's really countless hours looking at birds in the sky and fish in the water, to look and understand how to create lift and loft,” he said. “Or you look at his tank, which was really based on a turtle shell.”

For the exhibit, Italian artisans built replicas of Leonardo's self-propelled car, and his parachute, among other things. There's also "The Secrets of the Mona Lisa," which employs science to reveal more than two dozen secrets hiding behind that famous smile.

Here are some of the Da Vinci events scheduled at MOSI:

Science Works Theatre Presents: The Wacky Inventor's Workshop
Go back in time to help famous inventors solve their dilemmas with surprising success. Showing daily at 1 p.m.

Da Vinci Creators Club

Join this Saturday youth club where you can dream up new ideas, build and test inventions, and express yourself through your own works of art.

Flying Machines Camp-In

It’s an overnight flight camp-in inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s flights of fancy. Dinner and breakfast are provided. Advance reservations required.

Friday, February 26 - 27
6 p.m. - 10 a.m.

Da Vinci & Drinks after Dark

A three-part lecture series exploring the genius that was DaVinci, topics will include religion, invention and an exploration into the mind of DaVinci.

1st Lecture: Deism and Davinci

MOSI hosts the Deputy Director of the World Union of Diests for an engaging discussion about Leonardo DaVinci's religious beliefs.

March 19, 2010
6: 00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

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