Crist Accuses Other Republicans of Hypocrisy on Stimulus

Crist hugs Obama at event last year
Crist hugs Obama at stimulus event last year.
TAMPA (2010-3-2) -

Gov. Charlie Crist is facing stiff conservative criticism for his embrace of President Obama and the federal stimulus plan last year. But in his State of the State Address last night, he defended the stimulus in strong terms.

Crist used his final State of the State address to take jabs at his Republican rival of the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio.

He defended taking federal stimulus money, and accused other Republicans of hypocrisy.

“A few governors may have rather loudly condemned the stimulus money, but that did not stop any of them from quietly accepting it,” Crist said to applause and boos from lawmakers.

“During these very difficult economic times, we do a disservice to the people who elected us., the people who are counting on us, to elevate ideology over problem solving. We are here to guide our ship through a storm.”

It’s a message he hopes Republican voters respond to in August.

For full text and audio of speech, click here.

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