MacManus: Crist Moving Toward Independent Run

Gov. Charlie Crist
Gov. Charlie Crist says he's listening to the people on whether he should run as an independent. He has until the end of the month to decide.
TAMPA (2010-4-21) -

It's the hottest political question in the country right now: What will Charlie Crist do?

Just a few weeks ago, University of South Florida Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus said Crist wouldn't abandon the Republican Party. But in a conversation with WUSF earlier today, she said she's not so sure.

"There’s just such a groundswell for him to run as an independent," she said. "And looking at his track record and his philosophy in government, which has always been to look at what the people want and look at polls, you have to think he’s moving as fast as possible, either toward an independent run, or no run at all."

She said one option being discussed is whether he may run for governor again and drop his Senate bid.

She said Crist has been masterful in maximizing press and public attention -- for example, his dramatic veto of Senate Bill 6.

She said Crist may not need as much money as other candidates because he has high name recognition. But he would have to start from scratch in assembling campaign staff and grassroots supporters in each Florida county.

She said voter anger and fear make this the most volatile election cycle in her memory.

CLICK HERE to listen to the entire interview with University of South Florida Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus.

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